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Art of Walls
Drawing upon the inspiration of craftsmen and artisans around the world we create designs and finishes that are all unique to your style. The use of paint is limitless, from children’s fantasy rooms to gilded gold ceilings with raised relief designs, venetian plasters from Europe, antiquing stone fireplaces to add the depth they deserve, custom art to hang on your walls …endless possibilities! Serve people by assisting them in designing a comfortable living environment in their homes.  I help you discover your vision and help create a beautiful, elegant, uplifting, practical, functional home that is perfect for you.  Mainly I create a home that reflects who You are. In helping design finishes for walls, ceilings and floors i don’t impose my vision, i assist you in their process. Colors are very important. They express moods, reflections and responses. Colors can energize, stimulate, calm and refresh, and even inspire and heal us.  As we go through the process of finding your vision we can then go through many samples that i have created over the years as well as custom made samples to fit your home.
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