Barrier Island

Barrier Island
In 1978, we opened a store located at the Garden Hills Shopping Center on Peachtree Rd, which was only the fourth store selling rugs in Atlanta during that timeframe. At the time, all we sold were antique Persian rugs at bargain prices. As the years passed, we sold Needlepoints, Oushaks, and various flatweaves. Ten years ago we began producing custom cotton and wool striped rugs. Making the cover of Southern Accents in our first year of production was truly a watershed event for us and lead to our business really taking off. We now have a hundred or so wholesale accounts across the country which sells the hundreds of designs of rugs in our Atlanta, GA storefront.

Our entire Barrier Island Collection and Continental Divide Collection of cotton and wool striped rugs are hand loomed in India. The cottons are actually woven 600 miles from the wools. We employ our own contractor who weighs out the wools, oversee the dying, who then gives it to the weavers. The horizontal looms are only 20″ off the ground.

A 9×12 striped rug is made by four or five weavers, which can sometimes lead to slight irregularities but this is the nature of the cottage industry. Our cotton and wool striped rugs are NOT machine made. It is important to know that we can only do straight lines, no curves or circles. All of our striped rug collections are totally reversible which is a “double faced” weaving which is very forgiving.

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