Dimond Lighting

Dimond Lighting

Our company’s innovations, inspired by the poetry of light and acclaimed for elegance with which they are executed, originate from the desire to transcend the boundaries of innovation and style. Such an ambition requires the willingness to constantly surpass one’s own expectations.

Working in unison, our award winning international designers and engineers have the enviable privilege of safeguarding traditions while challenging conformity. These curators carefully select fine fabrics along with complimenting precious materials and apply the appropriate decoration technique to capture the essential elements of the DIMOND style.

Your decision to acquire a DIMOND lamp is a decision in favor of authenticity. It makes you one of the curators of an artistic tradition and by doing so you take possession of an object through which the spirit of venerable craftsmanship comes alive.

We have created this catalog to familiarize you with our products and help select a lamp that will be a brilliant addition to your surroundings.

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