HC28 prides itself as one of the pioneering high-end modern furniture brands from China. By introducing a unique blend of the Eastern world meeting its Western counterpart, the collection offers the best of the two cultures: true design innovation and sheer creativity from the West serviced by exceptional craftsmanship and a deep commitment to refinement from the East, rarely achieved at the level. As a result, HC28 is regarded as a rare example of timeless modernity and genuine elegance.

Since the late 90’s, Jianwei LI and the Fargo Group have been working hand in hand specializing in the distribution of leading contemporary design brands from France and Italy on the Chinese market. In 2006, they put together a multinational team of experts in furniture design, distribution and production to create HC28. Hence the concept of this new line and its brand name: HC28.The name HC28 is simple yet meaningful: the brand introduces a ‘Home Collection’ concept reflecting a sense of refinement and harmonious modernity. As for 28, it refers to the location of its first manufacture which had been originally located precisely 28km east of the Forbidden City in Beijing!

Acclaimed French designer François Champsaur along with eight other colleagues including Christophe Delcourt, Luca Scacchetti, Masayuki Kurokawa and Steve Leung – who all share a passion for exquisite handcraft and contemporary aesthetics – teamed up to create a new design concept adapted to urban lifestyle. HC28’s very own identity is unique in its modernity and livelihood. The collection – who focuses on high quality materials and extremely refined manufacturing details – finds a place in today’s multicultural world.

Highly skilled Chinese artisans sculpt each piece of furniture into perfection, using only the finest quality woods, steel, leather and lacquers. These resulting functional pieces of handicraft can surely be the perfect solution for any design need, whether it is a full house furnishing project or just adding a few accent pieces to an existing home / office environment. HC28 provides more than 200 products adapted to four major interior house spaces: the living room, the dining room, the home office and the bedroom.

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